Handmade Contemporary Shaker Kitchen • Styling: Fiona Edwards • Photography: Pixangle

This blog charts the journey of our kitchen renovation, which took place in the autumn /winter of 2015. It will share some of the invaluable tips learnt during the project, helping you to achieve a fabulous contemporary shaker kitchen, at an affordable cost.

Condition of project before starting

We bought our house in Richmond, Surrey 3 years ago. Instantly struck by its potential and great sense of space and light, it was a diamond in the rough. It had been bought off plan in the 1850's and had been owned by only one family. The current owner having lived there for 99 years and 44 weeks! The house had been very well cared for, but was in desperate need of modernisation. A fantastic project.

The ground floor area that was to become our new open plan kitchen/diner, was made up of the following spaces:

  • kitchen

  • 'boiler room' - affectionately known as this, as its main purpose was to house the massive boiler!

  • glass 'lean to'

  • toilet - the 'green machine' as my husband named it (for obvious reasons)

The before photos

Look out for the next installation of my blog, as we launch into STEP 1: Know your space.

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