Plumbing is just as important as electrics when planning your modern shaker kitchen, however it can often be overlooked, leading to unexpected costs later in the project.

1). Start by listing all the points in the kitchen that will require a water supply


  • Sink (main kitchen and utility room)

  • Taps including hot water / filtration tapa

  • Washing machine

  • Fridge with a dispenser

  • Coffee machine

  • Dishwasher

  • Pot fillers - usually placed above a range oven - dispenses hot water directly into pans

Image courtesy of KOHLER

  • Drainage for ice trough under-mount stainless steel sink- a touch of luxury for chilling wine/champagne and can also be used for storing pots of herbs

Image courtesy of Tom Howley

  • Water underfloor heating system

  • Radiators

  • External kitchen wall i.e. outside tap/garden watering system/water feature

Ensure these are clearly marked on the plan for your plumber and discussed.

As with electric cables, water pipes and gas pipes all need to go under the floor. An existing solid floor i.e. concrete, may make the project more expensive. Discuss with your contractor in advance to find out what your options are and the cost implications.

2). Consider Dishwasher and Sink Placement

It;s a good idea to place the dishwasher to the left or right of the sink for the following reasons:

  • To connect the dishwasher plumbing to the drain and taps

  • To avoid dripping dirty water and grease on the floor when you rinse off plates

Avoid installing your dishwasher next to a wall. This will make it difficult to pack and unpack, as you will only be able to access it from one side. Placing the integrated bin to the other side of the sink works well.

3). Taps and Sinks - an easy way to add a touch of luxury to your design

Taps and sinks make stunning features and are worth investing in. The modern shaker kitchen can support a wide rage of taps and sinks from the traditional look, to the more contemporary, as shown in the gallery below:

Companies such as Perrin & Rowe, KOHLER and Quooker (hot water tap) offer fantastic quality products.

If you are considering wall mounted taps, you'll need to alert your plumber to this very early into the project. These require a channel chipping out of the brick work prior to the plastering taking place.

Image courtesy of Perrin and Rowe

Houzz provides some great articles on what to consider when choosing the right sink and taps for your project.

myCasa tip: If time is on your side consider watching eBay for cancelled customer orders and returns. You may need to compromise slightly, however it can save you a significant amount of money.

4). Gas

Finally if you are opting for a gas hob or range/oven this will also need to be marked on the plans.

Tom Howley oven range

Image courtesy of Tom Howley

What did we choose?

Kitchen sink and taps

For a more contemporary shaker look, we chose to under-mount a Kohler ceramic sink, keeping the design beautifully sleek and clean-looking.

Kohler Modultop Ceramic Undermount Kitchen Sink Model : K19938W

The taps are Perrin and Rowe ....... A fabulous bargain on ebay, as they were a cancelled customer order

Phoenician sink mixer with lever handles Product Code: 4460 - nickle

Utility Room

We opted for the Armitage Shanks belfast sink, with free standing drainer, as a practical utility sink.

The taps are Perrin and Rowe Mayan wall mounted taps with lever handles in stainless steel

The metro tiles are from Fired Earth

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